How to rent a bag

Before you start you’ll need to create an account and you’ll also be asked to complete a quick online ID check.  We’ll let you know when your account has been verified so that you can enjoy full use of our site.

Here’s how to rent a bag through Share Our Style in 6 easy steps…

Step 1
Choose a bag to rent

Browse the Share Our Style home page to search for a bag. When you’ve found one, click on the bag to view its details.

Select your rental date(s) from the calendar and how you’d like to receive/return the bag. The owner will offer shipping (the bag gets posted to you), pickup (you meet in person to collect the bag) or both.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.00.07

Then click ‘Rent This Bag’.

Important note if you have selected the shipping option:
Bags being sent for Share Our Style rentals must use Royal Mail’s ‘Guaranteed by 1pm’ service, and this does not operate on a Sunday.
Please note service restrictions may apply and additional fees are charged for Saturday deliveries.
You must select the shipping option if you want the owner to post the bag to you.

Step 2
Request the bag and authorize payment

On the next page, you’ll get a summary of the cost which you will then be asked to authorize but don’t worry: payment is only taken when a rental is accepted.

You’ll also be given the chance to message the owner.  You should use the messenger throughout the process to communicate with the owner, such as arranging to meet up if the pickup option is selected.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.01.18

The owner has 3 days to accept or decline your rental request.  If they don’t respond then the request is automatically declined after 3 days.

Once the owner accepts your rental you’ll be sent email confirmation about payment. Click ‘View conversation’ for any messages from the owner.

Step 3
Receive the bag and ‘mark the order as completed’

You should receive your bag as agreed.  We recommend you take photos of the bag as soon as you receive it.

Important note if you have selected the shipping option:
If the bag doesn’t arrive by 1pm on the first rental day please contact the owner as soon as possible.  We suggest that the owner sends you the tracking reference number once the item is on its way to you but feel free to ask them for it.


Important note if you’ve selected the pickup option:
The pickup should take place at or after 12:00pm on the first day of the rental period and should be returned no later than 11:59am on the last day of the rental period.  If pickup or return occurs outside of these times the owner’s bag will not be covered, even if they’re eligible for our Share Our Style Guarantee.
The owner will bring 2 copies of the Pickup receipt for the start of the rental for the initial pickup and 2 copies of the Pickup receipt for the end of the rental on its return.  Each copy needs to be read and signed by both parties to ensure both of you get a copy.  We also suggest that the owner takes a photo of you with their bag.  Please remember that you’ll be meeting someone you don’t know so you need to be comfortable about both the pickup meeting and its location.

Step 4
Enjoy your rental!

This is the fun bit!  Enjoy the bag, and make sure you take care of it.  Please remember that you’re personally liable for the bag as detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

Step 5
Return the bag

At the end of the rental period, return the bag to its owner.  Don’t forget to take photos of the bag before you return it to its owner.

For shipping the owner must receive their bag by 1:00pm the day after the end of the rental period.

For pickup the owner must receive their bag by 11:59am at the end of the rental period.

Important note if you’ve selected the shipping option:  
You must return the bag to the owner using Royal Mail’s ‘Guaranteed by 1pm’ service.
We suggest that you take a picture of the package which clearly shows the owner’s address, retain the postal receipt, check the building name or number and postcode printed on your Post Office receipt and send the owner the tracking reference number.
Important note if you’ve selected the pickup option:
Don’t forget the owner should bring 2 copies of the Pickup receipt for the end of the rental as detailed in Step 3.  We suggest you take a photo of the owner with their bag when you return it to them.

Step 6
Mark the order complete and give feedback

messagesAfter you have returned the bag make sure you ‘mark the order complete’ so that both you and the owner can give each other feedback.  Either click ‘View conversation’ from your confirmation email, or go straight to your messages on Share Our Style.


We are creating a community of designer handbag lovers so it is essential that you can review your experience. We ask that reviews are truthful and clear.  Please do not include any personally identifiable information in a review such as a person’s last name or address.

It’s as simple as that!

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