Our story

Sam, Founder of Share Our Style

Hi, I’m Sam.  I enjoy the luxuries in life but, as with all things, finding a balance is key.  I try to make savvy choices that enable me to indulge in my passion for designer bags from time to time.

Many of us are moving away from the idea of ownership and the responsibilities that often entail to a freer, more sustainable lifestyle where we can borrow what we need when we need it and share what we have.  I’ve launched Share Our Style to create a space for us to share.  Let’s join together and play our part in the fashion revolution for a sustainable future.

We’re new and interested to hear your views as we evolve and improve.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions we’d love to hear from you at sam@shareourstyle.co.uk.

Enjoy exploring and let’s Share Our Style.


Founder, Share Our Style