Buying a designer bag is a big decision, in fact huge, for most of us. It’s something we may only do once in our lifetimes therefore it’s important to make the right decision.

Whenever our head gets turned by a new bag we consider the following points:

  1. Take your time: Do you really love it? If yes, ask if you can see yourself using it both now and for years to come. It may help to pull together a mood board using Pinterest or an old School pin board with cuttings.
  2. Do your research: Thanks to the internet not only can we peruse the objects of our desire including specifications, finishes, etc but it’s never been easier to find reviews of all sorts of things. Whilst there’s no substitute for getting your mitts on the bag you’re after it may be worth seeing what others have to say about it on a site such as Purse Blog.
  3. Does it have a particular purpose?: Think about how you will use it. Is it for work or everyday use or to be brought out for special occasions?  You may also want to consider how much stuff you need to carry around with you and if it will fit inside.
  4. How do you want to carry it?: Do you like to have your hands free or hold your bag? Which style best suits your needs – shoulder, backpack, cross-body or tote bag? It’s unlikely that simply being pretty will be enough.
  5. Be a savvy shopper: Once you’re sure you’ve found ‘the one’ could you pick it up cheaper? Could it be less expensive abroad, in the airport, in the sale, at a designer outlet or on a discount day such as Selfridges’ pre-Christmas 20% off promotion?  Unfortunately brands are getting wise to savvy shoppers and the bag of your dreams may only be available full price in their boutiques but we think it’s worth checking.

Have you got your eye on a special bag?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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