So, you’ve got the designer bag of your dreams but how can you best take care of it?  Bags are often works of art handcrafted from delicate materials.  They require a bit of TLC to keep them looking their best.

Here are our handy hacks to help you care for your designer bag:

  1. Store it in a dust bag: Most designer bags come with a dust bag, a soft cloth bag which often has a tie. This helps to protect your bag from dust, damage and the likelihood of it being scratched or damaged. Try to store your bag inside its dust bag when you’re not using it.  If you’ve mislaid or didn’t receive a dust bag a clean pillow can be a useful alternative.
  2. Keep in a clean and dry environment: Direct sunlight and hot, humid or damp environments can all damage bags.
  3. Don’t squash your bag: Ensure your bag isn’t scrunched up or squashed when it’s being stored to avoid it becoming misshapen.  Acid-free paper or bubble wrap are great stuffing materials.  Make sure you’ve removed all personal items from your bag before it’s stored.
  4. Take care when using perfumes, creams, and makeup: Makeup, lotions and liquids can all stain the components of your bag.  Residues may discolour or leave marks on leather, material, metal buckles, chain straps, decorations and linings.
  5. Take care when you’re out and about: Be careful where you put your bag down. Liquids and sharp objects are possible hazards for your bag.  You may wish to use a bag hanger to keep your bag off a dirty floor or table.

How do you care for your designer bags?  We’d love to hear from you.

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