We’ve been beavering away and are excited to share some new developments with you.

What’s new?

As you know, we’re new and growing and always grateful for feedback from our members.  We’ve made some changes as a result of this:

  1. We have changed the rental period to “per night” rather than “per week”, to give everyone greater flexibility. One night is defined as 12:00pm on one day to 11:59am on the next.
  2. Our members also told us they wanted an availability calendar on the site, and we’re please do say we’ve done that too.  This means that renters can see when a bag is available to rent.  Dates will automatically be blocked out if the bag is already rented at that time, and owners can block out additional days when they’re unable to loan their bag(s).

We’ve updated our “how to” guides – how to rent a bag and how to loan your bag – and other parts of the site to reflect these changes.

We offer the Share Our Style Guarantee which includes a warranty for claims of £250 and under and insurance is provided for eligible owners for claims over £250 subject to our Terms and Conditions.

As we’re new and piloting our site there are some things we’re still working on and we’ll have more developments for you soon.

If you have any more thoughts or suggestions we’d love to hear from you at sam@shareourstyle.co.uk.

We’d love to hear what you think about our changes to the site in the comments below.

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