Designer bags have become big business and they often bolster labels’ finances, if not directly fund the label entirely, particularly those that produce haute couture.  But what makes a bag ‘designer’?

Some may say it’s the design, others may cite luxury materials, be it leather, suede, metallic or exotic skins.  Or perhaps it’s exclusivity, in the form of the brand, the shopping experience and the price.  Ultimately it’s a tantalising mix of all of these things.

It’s proven difficult to find a definitive definition of a designer bag, however the Collins English Dictionary for designer clothing could easily be applied to bags, “designer clothing is fashionable or luxury clothing made by, or carrying the label of, a well-known fashion designer”.

Our style influences come in many forms and evolve throughout our lives as we create our own unique style.  We firmly believe that a designer bag can elevate any outfit whether we’re popping to the supermarket or out for a fancy meal.

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