Issey Miyake is an award winning Japanese brand founded by its namesake.   It is best known for his technology-driven clothing designs and fragrances with L’Eau d’Issey being a bestseller worldwide.

The Bao Bao bag is a more recent addition to the label. The innovative design available in a number of colours and finishes elevates the practicality of a two handled shopper to something special and a must have for fashion-forward connoisseurs.

In keeping with Issey’s view that the, “Design is not for philosophy—it’s for life” (International Herald Tribune in 1992) his friendship with Steve Jobs led to the creation of Jobs’ signature style – the black polo neck or turtleneck as he referred to it.

The Miyake Design Studio was founded in 1970 with the first Issey Miyake brand collection following in 1971.  The brand continues to be a stalwart on the international fashion scene since Issey’s ‘retirement’ in 1997, although it’s been reported he continues to, “oversee the overall direction of all lines created by his company”.  Tell us what you think about the Issey Miyake label in the comments below.

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