Charlotte Olympia Dellal, the founder of Charlotte Olympia, says her creativity is, “inspired by a bygone era of old Hollywood glamour”.  I believe this shines through in the designs and the choice of fabrics and materials used.

The Pandora clutch is the brand’s iconic perspex bag.  Changed-up each season with on-trend colours and finishes, this signature design stays true to the brands feminine and fun persona.  I love my Pandora with its bright colours and quirky styling even down to its spider clasp.  It manages to be both playful effortlessly chic and could brighten up any outfit in seconds.

The Pandora clutch should in no way be confused with Pandora’s box, which is said to contain all the evils of the world and once opened it can never be closed.  However once one is aware of the Pandora clutch you can never un-see its beauty.

Launched in 2008 Charlotte Olympia is a London based luxury shoe and accessories brand with an ever-growing international presence.  Its shoe icons including the Dolly with its signature ‘island’ platform and distinctive Kitty flats.  What do you think about the Charlotte Olympia brand?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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