I first discovered Coach on a visit to New York in 2007.  I’m always a magpie when it comes to pretty or sparkly things and once it had come to my attention there was no stopping me.

I didn’t purchase a bag immediately, biding my time until I found the right one.  In recent years I’ve become a big fan of stylish smaller bags which are particularly handy for running errands or sight-seeing.  I also really needed to stop carting so much stuff around with me all day, most of which I just didn’t need.  Thankfully Coach always seems to include such styles in each collection.

After much searching (what can I say, I’m a trouper) I found a beautiful brown leather double pocket bag.  It’s chic, light and goes with everything.  It can be carried as a cross-body or shoulder bag.  What’s not to love?!  The black leather Coach Mickie is a similar style.

For me Coach combines modern styling with beautiful materials.  It does dressier styles but I tend to prefer its more classic and often more casual designs.

Coach was established in 1941 as a family-run workshop in New York City.  It describes itself as going on to, “define ‘accessible luxury’ for a generation” and hopes, “to become the company that defines global modern luxury”.  Tell us what Coach bags mean to you in the comments below.

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