So, what is it about leopard print?  What is its enduring appeal amongst models, fashionistas and most of us mere mortals?

Fashions change and trends come and go, but season after season leopard print remains in one guise or another.  It makes a strong statement and a little can go a long way.  It can instantly infuse an outfit with fun and style.

Is leopard print always appropriate?  Some views suggest it is not suitable for work or formal occasions.  Others believe we should fearlessly express ourselves in whatever form we choose.  I find it’s often easier to wear a bold print as an accessory rather than as clothing.  Bags are an excellent way of adding a touch leopard print to any look.  Jimmy Choo’s Tube Clutch collection included a leopard print version which brought together design flair with sophistication.

In case you haven’t guessed I’m a fan of leopard print.  I acknowledge there are some who don’t share my view or appreciate its charm – I just hope we can still be friends.  Tell us what you think about leopard print in the comments below.

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